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Information: About IssaSoft Productions...

Its not really a company, just one person. Issa is my first name so I just made up IssaSoft Productions. Consider this my personal website. I'm just the typical guy who played RPG's day and night when I was a kid, pretended I was beating up monsters outside (yes, the neighbors thought I was crazy running around with a stick yelling "FIRE 1 !" and swinging at imaginary objects). Then I grew up, learned how to program, and now I'm turning my imagination into reality. I would like to get into the gaming industry one day and hopefully my practice with making games will help me to one day bring back the old fashioned RPG/Adventure style games that focused on the storyline and gameplay, and did not sell out to polygon graphics.

I will send you a personal reply within 48 hours. You can contact me about anything. Thank you!