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First SilverLight Game

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I've released my first ever online game in SilverLight.  Its a BlackJack game I wrote a few months ago to practice before I made Chicken Fighters Online.

More Source Code

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Created a separate section for source code for donations. I also added Chicken Fighters 2002 on there. I will add Demon's Mantra I next.

New Source Code

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I've added more source code to the website. Demon's Mantra II, Chicken Fighters 2012, and MoonBlade. To download, it will require a small donation (to help support the site and to give me compensation for all the hours I put writing the code). I will also post Chicken Fighters 2002 source code for free soon.

Chicken Fighters Online

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I'm announcing a new project! I'm taking Chicken Fighters 2k12 and turning it into a Chicken Fighters 2000 style game. It will use Silverlight and C#. Will be a "web" game that you can play anywhere in a browser with Silverlight. So, yes you can play it on a Windows Mobile Phone. I dont know when I'll have it ready, but below is a screenshot. After I practice and complete this game I will work on an RPG mobile game.

Chicken Fighters 2012 Update (Final)

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Good news and bad news.

The bad news is I'm giving up on Chicken Fighters 2012. I worked on it a little today and realized the code is a huge mess, theres so much more work to do, and I rather be working on something new. This game started 6 years ago, its outdated, and I've learned better programming. So I uploaded the final version I will be working on which contains mostly fixes.

The good news is that I'm releasing the source code. So if anybody else wants to finish it go ahead.

More good news, I'm free to work on something else. When I figured it out I'll make an announcement. I know for sure I will be using C# rather than VB. I may use Microsoft Game Studio, which allows XBox and phone games, but no promises, we'll see.

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