IssaMan - The Game, and Comic

My friend thought it would be funny to make a comic and name it after me. Its about this shrimp loving guy who gets magical powers and from a shrimp cup of noodles. We also turned it into a game. This concept game created in Visual Basic .NET to help me learn .NET. It mimics River City Ransom and Double Dragon with that RPGish feel. Gain levels, buy items, and increase your fighting skills as you advance through the game. The game consists of several areas.

IssaMan Game (In Development)

IssaMan is a River City Ransom / Double Dragon / RPGish type game written in VB.NET. IssaWoman has been captured by a ruthless street gang called "El Shrimpo Loco", and they are holding her hostage. Its up to you to take control of IssaMan, take back the streets, and rescue his woman.

Gain levels, buy items, and increase your fighting skills as you advance through the game. The game consists of several areas. You must unlock new areas, talk to people, and find out where to go. Head to the town to stock up before you go!



Basically you control Issaman around the city.  Beat up gangs and move around, check out the mall, enter shops to eat items and powerup, find special hidden items, and talk to people.  Its pretty basic gameplay wise.  There will also be strategy involved, like for one boss you might have to use dodge special moves and time them correctly.  To use special moves type the number then press the special move button to use it, watch out for MP though.



Power: Affects all of IssaMan's attacks.

Defense: Affects all of IssaMan's defenses.

Block: How well IssaMan can block an attack.

Punch: His punching ability.

Kick: His kicking ability.

Stamina:  His HP

Wisdom:  His MP


Special Moves

Flex: IssaMan flexes and gains +3 defense until he leaves the map, 6MP

Triple Punch: IssaMan punches three times, 2MP

Dodge: IssaMan does a backflip and flies back in the opposite direction, 2MP

Armageddon:  IssaMan stands still and fire shoots from the sky damaging enemies for 20-100 damage, 25MP

Eat Shrimp:  IssaMan stops and eats a cup of noodle shrimp for 20 seconds to heal some hp, 15MP

Roar:  IssaMan roars and gains +3 power until he leaves the map, 8MP

Kick:  IssaMan does a strong kick that does double damage, 2MP

Power of the Shrimp:  IssaMan calls forth the power of the shrimp which gives him +5 Power/Defense/Block/Punch/Kick until he leaves the map, 20MP

Flare:  IssaMan bursts into flames doing 5 hits of 2-10 damage all around him, 10MP

Shield:  IssaMan is shielded from all attacks until he takes another action, 2MP




Mushi's Susi:

California Roll: Gain +1 power

Raw Eel Roll: Gain +1 Defense

Dragon Roll: Gain +1 Block 

Rob's burger:

Fries: Gai +15 HP

Cheeseburger: Gain +50 HP and 20MP

Five Pounder: Gain full HP and full MP


Suzi's Drugs:

Vitamins: Gin +1 max HP

Tonic: Gain +1 max MP

Steroids: Gain +5 Power, +2 Defense, HP goes to 1 and MP goes to 1

Zool's Books:

Idiots guide t fighting: +5 punch, +5 kick, +2 power

Defending for dummies: +5 block, +5 defense

First Aid 101: Learn the first aid special ability, heals 15hp for 20 mp


Al Akbar's:

Magic Carpet: Lets ou fly back to town

Anthrax: Learn the anthrax special ability, that damages all enemies on screen

Suicide Shrimp: One use, kills all enemies on screen (not on bosses)

Chans Kung Fu:

Triple Punch: Learn the triple punch bility

Flying Kick: Learn the flying kick ability

Round Robin: Learn the round robin punch

IssaMan Comic

What happens when a computer scientist accidentally causes an electrical surge at his work while microwaving a shrimp cup'o'noodles? Well you get IssaMan! Why settle for other super heroes? Thats right, IssaMan can do it all, he can fly through the air, run as fast as lightning, can shoot little shrimp out of his hands, can heat liquids with his eyes, and hear with super senses. Check back every now and then to follow the comic, enjoy! Game coming soon!

Name: IssaMan

Occupation: Super Hero

Favorite Food: Shrimp

Favorite Slogan: "The world needs....IssaMan!!!"

Volume 1