Chicken Fighters

Chicken Fighters is a game where you raise a virtual chicken in an Adventure / Role Playing Game way. It is similar to Pokemon. Catch them, buy them weapons, gain experience, use spells and items, upgrade their stats, select a special trainer, and enter tournaments to win. This game is also multiplayer with one other person over TCP/IP. (Games: Chicken Fighters 2000, Chicken Fighters 2k2, Chicken Fighters 2k12).

Version 1.00 was created in apple basic in 1999 by a good friend of mine as a school project. Although the game didn't have any graphics, and was simple in terms of gameplay, the concept was still there. I took the idea and created it in Visual Basic in 2000.  Today its on sequel 3.

Chicken Fighters 2k12 (In Development)

Chicken Fighters 2009 is going to be possibly the most addictive game on the planet once I'm done with it. If the jump between CF2000 and CF2002 is any idea of how much improvement there will be, then I'm hoping CF2009 will be even better. I'm expecting the game to be at least 5 times larger, with tons of new extras, and more gameplay. A lot of the complaints I received was that CF2002 wasn't big enough, didn't have a lot of features, and was lacking in some areas. Although I released some patches to address these issues, it still wasn't there.


The Areas.

Unlike CF2002, there will be multiple towns. Each town will be in a little area where you can go hunting for chickens and such. Once you find a town, you can easily travel there through a menu option. Each town has an arena, shops, and secrets. There will be items to find as well. Using your Chicken's abilities, you can find items by digging, diving, jumping, or destroying objects that block your path.

To find chickens it depends on the area of the map you are in. You will just be walking around then all of the sudden a battle appears. At this time you will be notified of the type of chicken, level, and whether it is passive or aggressive. A passive chicken is one that you can just choose to take. If you encounter an aggressive one it wont be taken without a fight, and you must choose one of your chickens to fight it. The higher the level of the chicken, the more likely it will be aggressive. Some types will be more aggressive than others too. For example, a level 1 Sky chicken might have a 2% chance of being aggressive while a level 1 Demon chicken will have around 25%. If you defeat the chicken, it becomes yours but must be revived at the zoo until you can use it. When it is, its current level and its evolved state will remain the same! Some areas will have different chickens, some may be higher levels and evolved higher. However, even though its cool to catch a higher ranking chicken, a chicken that starts off at level 1 and is trained has higher stats.




Unlike any of the Chicken Fighter games, this time you can evolve your chicken through items. This will give your chicken new abilities and make them powerful. Each chicken class has its strengths and weaknesses, and you can even breed different classes, which will make them have random skills and stats based on what you bred with. You cant breed a robotic chicken or rainbow chicken. Bred chickens start off at level 1.

You can also play against your friend online with your chicken or use arcade mode for a default chicken type. You can also give your chickens to your friends.

Like CF2002, you will have trainers, the same ones, and they will add to the gameplay. There will also be a story for each of them.

Chickens can gain levels through experience in fighting, up to level 50. Each level, the chicken will be able to gain about 1 to 7 status points in each of its stats, plus more skill and health points. It depends on the chicken type. To gain stats you have to train it by fighting, using a special item, or going to the Zoo. If you use a chicken more often, then it will gain more stats faster. Bonuses are also applied during a level up depending on your trainer.

Power and Defense are used to determine if your chicken will be able to get a hit in or not. Speed determines how fast your chicken is and how well it is able to dodge spell attacks, and Luck is used for other stuff like doing criticals and adding to skill effectiveness.

Behavior determines whether your chicken will listen to you (if you tell it to attack will it or will it just sit there). It goes down the more you tell it to do stuff, for example, a level 3 ability takes a lot of behavior where telling it to defend a turn doesn't. Behavior fluctuates during battle, if the chicken is getting beat up, it will go down, if he's doing good, it will go up. If you go too far and make your chicken do too much, you will lose control of it, and its attack and defense may go down. However if your chicken has high behavior, its attack and defense will go up. Skill is used to use chicken abilities, and health is obvious, once it reaches 0 your chicken dies, but don't worry, it can be revived at the zoo for a price.

There will be two modes of play, normal, and hardcore. The only difference is that in hardcore mode, if your chicken dies, its gone for good and you will never be able to revive it.


Each chicken belongs to an element, fire, earth, wind, water. Each element is good against another and weak against another. Each chicken has 3 special moves during battle which are determined on whether they have evolved or not. Evolving happens randomly but happens more often on higher levels. A weakness means the ability does more damage against that type of chicken, a strength means it does less.

Fire: Powerful against Earth, Weak against water

Water: Powerful against fire, weak against Air.

Air: Powerful against water, weak against Earth.

Earth: Powerful against Air, weak against fire.



I've decided just to keep the same trainers. Each trainer has three abilities they bring to the chicken fighting arena. All abilities are passive, meaning they affect all chickens under their control.

Snack: Using snacks in battle increases health an extra 20%

Training: The requirement to gain levels is lowered by 10% so chickens level up faster.

Protect: Chickens gain +1 extra defense per level.

Might: Chickens gain +1 extra power per level.

Gamble: Chickens gain +1 extra luck per level.

Haste: Chickens gain +1 extra speed per level.

Command: Behavior

Nature: Chickens gain +10% defense against all spells (ie, abilities that attack in battle like hurricane)

Bribe: You get a 10% discount on all items/weapons.

Tonic: Chickens gain +1 health per level

Skill: Chickens gain +1 skill point per level



Claws: Increases attack damage

Armor/Helmets: Increases armor rating

Medals/Amulets/Rings: Increases a skill or something special (these are won through special battles).

Seed: Heals 3hp

Prozac: Raises behavior by 10 during battle

Berry: Heals 3 spell points

Cheese: Heals 10 spell points

Tonic: Heals 35hp



Ok, multiplayer will probably be the same. This time you will be able to play with your own chickens though.

Chicken Fighters 2002
Every year chicken trainers all over the world plan for the Chicken Fighting Tournaments. Because they are illegal, the areas where they occur are only revealed to those who are good at the sport. Your goal is to work your way to the top and enter the Master Tournament and become champion.



*Choose from 7 chicken fighters: This will be your trainer throughout the game to raise your chicken. Depending on the type of chicken fighter, certain stats of your chicken will increase faster than others. Each fighter also has their own special ability that gives them an advantage over other fights and their own story for entering.

*7 stages to enter: Each stage must be unlocked first and gets harder as you go.

*6 types of chickens to find: Each type has different stats and special abilities. Find and keep the types you want. Team them up with different trainers for different variations, 36 combinations overall!

*Buy snacks, and weapon/armor upgrades with the cash earned.

*5 save/load slots! Each game can have up to 3 chickens.

*Cool midi music and sound effects.

*Six random areas to catch chickens in: Each area has different types of chickens, some are also harder to find and catch.

*Level up your chicken: Each chicken can gain levels from gaining experience, making them stronger

*3 Modes of play!: Story mode allows you to raise then train a chicken, and beat the game. Arcade mode is where you just play a tournament against the computer with the settings you choose. Multiplayer mode is where you play against your friend online.